December 16, 2013

Jonathan Biss Releases Vol. 3 of Beethoven’s Sonatas on January 14 and to perform at Carnegie Hall on January 17

“So infectious is Biss’s love for these works, so enviable his technique, that however many versions of them you have, you need to add this one.”
- BBC Music Magazine

Beethoven Sonatas Vol. III Piano Sonata no. 15 in D op. 28 'Pastorale' Piano Sonata no. 16 in G op. 31 no.1 Piano Sonata no. 21 in C op. 53 'Waldstein' Since 2011, Jonathan Biss has been on a journey of exploring Beethoven, diving into the mind of the composer and steadily working his way through recording all 32 of the piano sonatas, aiming for completion by 2020.  On January 14, 2014, Biss releases the third volume of this decade-long project. Volume 1 was released in January 2012 and Volume 2 in March 2013; both received critical and popular acclaim. Just a few days after the release date, on January 17, Biss will appear at Carnegie Hall performing two pieces from the Beethoven sonata cycle including one from this new disc. In collaboration with the Curtis Institute of Music and Coursera, Biss taught a 5-week online open course, "Exploring Beethoven's Piano Sonatas" in September 2013. 35,000 participants signed up for the popular course which was "designed for students of all backgrounds who have a desire to learn more about Beethoven and his world." The course developed an even deeper passion in Biss, who says, "what has really been life-changing is the number of people who have told me, in one way or another, that being exposed to a performer's relationship to the music he plays, with all its layers and complexities, has allowed them to hear music in a way they hadn't been able to previously." Biss is committed to sharing his dedication to Beethoven, the man and the composer, with his fans.